Too cool this dad probably gave this kid something to remember forever!

This is too fucking cool. Best dad award goes to this guy for sure

This will be the man I marry. And my
Child. I swear

so dope wiickedchild

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No animals for a week as of today.

No animals for a week as of today.

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how to get the d

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i think i don’t want it anymore

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Reverse/black infrareds sz 10 dead stock from 2011 that I’ve worn maybe twice. $110 ONO.

Ruiner /115 framed screen print from 2008 tour $50.

Rise and Fall Jacob Bannon framed giclee print /75 $80.

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Meerkats make the best photographer’s assistants EVER.

Via BuzzFeed

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Anonymous asked: Weight belt and wrist wraps for weights sub-200kg? Such crossfit.

Intermittent periods of belt for anything over 80%, wrist wraps for jarred/lightly sprained wrist. Yeah man, you seem real informed.

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102.5x3 rep pb. 130, maybe 80%. Today’s task.

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This has made my entire week.

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Bein hot

Bein hot

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Anonymous asked: Don't move to Melbourne. Sydney will miss you 💔

No it won’t.

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What planet do cats come from?

the last one hahaahahah


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Anonymous asked: 2011 was a sick year i remember you posting those photos and the excitement you felt and all that. i miss 2011

I used to do lots of cool shit with all of the friends I used to have.

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