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Meerkats make the best photographer’s assistants EVER.

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Anonymous asked: Weight belt and wrist wraps for weights sub-200kg? Such crossfit.

Intermittent periods of belt for anything over 80%, wrist wraps for jarred/lightly sprained wrist. Yeah man, you seem real informed.

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102.5x3 rep pb. 130, maybe 80%. Today’s task.

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This has made my entire week.

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Bein hot

Bein hot

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Anonymous asked: Don't move to Melbourne. Sydney will miss you 💔

No it won’t.

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What planet do cats come from?

the last one hahaahahah


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Anonymous asked: 2011 was a sick year i remember you posting those photos and the excitement you felt and all that. i miss 2011

I used to do lots of cool shit with all of the friends I used to have.

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Tell me a movie to download or something, I am very bored.

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Cloak App  An Antisocial Network 

Cloak reads the geo-data info from your friends’ Instagram and Foursquare accounts, then lets you know exactly where they’re posting from—obviously, so you can avoid them. “Wait, Gary from sales is at the supermarket? OK, I suppose I can fast tonight.” We’re not sure what Gary ever did to you, but you can avoid him, your ex-girlfriend, your boss, or any hockey mask-wearing, ax-wielding maniac who’s considerate enough to post the locations of his slayings. 

It’s currently free in the app store

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Anonymous asked: Don't be so hard on yourself.

If I was happy with myself then I probably wouldn’t get anything done.

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