So yesterday someone broke into my house and stole absolutely everything I had of any value, this included all my camera gear. Obviously I cannot afford to replace this at all so I was thinking of selling prints to recoup some money for a camera. If you could share this around I would appreciate it immensely. If you’re interested in prints contact me.

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Wherever there is comfort there is pain.

Wherever there is comfort there is pain.

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I’ll miss your night terrors.

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A clip to go along with a new publication from DVRX Press, Other Side. Other Side is a travel journal depicting images taken by photographer Nic Gossage along his way across America & Canada.
Book available at -
Blog -
Instagram - @dvrxpress

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Synchronized waking up


Synchronized waking up

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Someone tell me why is this the funniest shit i ever watched in my life



??!??!? What did I just watch


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I have lots of videos swearing at myself while setting up. ‘Fucking bitch’.

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New home. PTC South Melbourne.

New home. PTC South Melbourne.

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an emotional roller coaster from start to finish

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